The following samples are all taken from League ID 19610.  The league has 16 teams with 8 matchups per week.  All the screenshots below were take using a screen resolution of 1024 X 768.

Screen shot using the default settings:
linescore sample 1
Screen shot adding the Huddle Skin:
linescore sample 2
Screen shot using games=4 to display only 4 games at a time:
linescore sample 3
Screen shot using rows=2 to display all the games in 2 rows; Note the I increased the I-Frame height from 80 to 160
linescore sample 4
Screen shot using default settings again but now setting trunc=-1, adding image icons, using background colour setting of eeeeee and setting the width to 70%
linescore sample 5
Same settings as sample 5 except setting rows to 8, I-Frame height to 640 and width to 100px
linescore sample 6