This report generator and subsequent use of the apps generated is 100% free to use.  My time to put this app together and support any technical issues or requests is also free of charge.  However if you want to send something to help with bandwidth costs which is an ongoing out-of-the-pocket expense for me would be greatly appreciated.    My objective with this Report Generator was to create html code that can be used by MFL leagues to create custom reports.  I tried to include all types of leagues which is a task since MFL supports many unique settings.  My hope was to make the generator fairly intuitive but if you find it confusing or have any questions please direct them to the coding section of the support forum.
These reports use jQuery. Place the following files (or a version thereof) in a home page message and set it as a header message
  • <script src=""></script>
  • <script src=""></script>
  • <script src=""></script> 

Report Generator for MFL Leagues by Habman

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ABOUT THIS GENERATOR  expandcontract
This generator creates code that can be used to create varaious modules for your league.

Select the module you would like to create; enter your personalized settings; then hit the Generate Code button that appears.

The generated code will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

Copy and paste the code into a home page module (with the advanced editor turned off) wherever you want the module to appear.
For Two-Teams: This tiebreaker works as everyone would expect. If the two teams played each other then the team with the better win% wins the tiebreaker.

For Three or More Teams (default rule): This app, by default, uses MFL's rule of "Head to head Winning Percentage" for both divisional and wildcard tiebreakers. How this works is you take all the teams tied and look at the games between them. You would then calculate a winning percentage for each team based on the wins/losses/ties each team has accumulated in these games and the team with the highest winning percentage would advance. If a team hasn't played any of the other tied teams then they will be given a 0.000 winning percentage for sorting purposes (MFL's rule not mine)

Note on Win Percentage Rule: I am not a fan of how MFL assumes a 0.000 winning percentage if a team hasn't played any of the other tied teams.  I therefore have set up various modifications of this rule to be used in this app.  You can set the different modes by going to the Tie Breaking Procedures set up area.  For a detailed description on how each mode is used check out the 'Winning Percentage Rules' below.
There are many different ways that a league can use head to head winning percentage to break ties.  If you are using head to head as a tiebreaker then you should set the "Winning Percentage Rule #" found in the Tie Breaking Procedure set up area to meet your leagues needs.

Here is a description for each setting:

Setting to 0: Only use head to head tiebreaker for two teams and skip the tiebreaker if three or more teams are tied.

Setting to 1: Use MFL's default rules for head to head tiebreakers.  They include not starting back to the first tiebreaker after a seed is assigned.  Also if there are three or more teams tied and one team didn't play any of the other tied teams they will be given a 0.000 winning percentage for sorting purposes.

Setting to 2: Each team must have played at least one of the other tied teams for the head to head rule to be in effect.

Setting to 3: Each of the tied teams must have played all of the other tied teams at least once in order for the head to head rule to be in effect.

Note: If set to rule #2 or #3 the "Start Over Rule" will automatically be enforced because it doesn't make sense otherwise.
HEAD TO HEAD SWEEP RULE  expandcontract
For Three or More Teams (optional sweep rule): This works like the NFL "Sweep Rule" for head to head tiebreakers when three or more teams are tied.  This applies for wild-card tiebreakers only.

How this works is that one team must have swept or been swept by all the other tied teams before advancing or being eliminated from the tiebreaking process.

Note on Sweep Rule: Sweep rule, if activated, is for wildcard tiebreakers only. Divisional tiebreakers will still use the winning percentage rule explained above.

This rule when activated will also enforce the "Start Over Rule" because it doesn't make sense otherwise.
ABOUT CSS TABLE ID'S  expandcontract
Each table has an ID associated with it for the purposes of applying custom css to the tables.

Once the tables are on your home page the ID names for each table can be attained by hovering over the table caption and a tooltip will display the name.

There is an outer table nesting all the tables that may appear invisible if your league has only one conference.  You can not get the table ID for this outer table using the tooltip method because no caption is displayed.  To get this table ID do the following. If the nested tables ID's last digit is "1" then the table ID for this table is "outerplayoff_table0-1". If "2" then the ID is "outerplayoff_table0-2" etc.
ABOUT CUSTOM ICONS  expandcontract
You must first create icons for each franchise in your league.  For appearance purposes do not made the icons too large.  By default I have set the css for icons to a max-height to 24px and a max-width to 120px but you can adjust these to suit your needs.

The icons must all have the same "base" name followed by the franchise id.  Franchise #1 name is icon0001.gif, franchise #2 is icon0002.gif etc.

Upload the newly created icons to a host server, either your own server or a public one.  I find photobucket works nicely.

In the area provided in the generator add the following where is your hosting site.  For example if you are using photobucket you would have something like this:

In the area provided in the generator add the extension format for your icon. &nbps; ie gif, png etc.
In the MFL franchise setup page, in the "customize" area, there is an option to include abbreviated names for franchises.

In order for abbreviated names to display in the generated tables these must be set for all franchises.
ROW HILITING CSS  expandcontract
Row hiliting requires jquery which you must have included on your mfl site.

If you have the hiliting feature enabled then you need to add some CSS to your custom CSS file to get the row hiliting to work properly.

Here is the CSS code to include:
.habHilite {
  background-color: #ffa;
CSS TABLE ID  expandcontract
ID head to head module: headtoheadresults
ID all-play module: allplaytable
ID points for module: summarytable
This is an example of how to create a Strength of Schedule table.

In the wild card tiebreakers setup remove all the current tiebreakers and add back the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker.

In the display options setup type in your desired table caption in the "Non-Playoff team caption" text box.  I have entered Strength of Schedule in this area for this tutorial.

While still in the display options setup remove all the selected columns in "Columns to Display" area and add back the Strength of Schedule Record and/or Strength of Schedule Win %.

In the unique table name area enter a unique table name.  Do not use spaces in the name and if you have created more than one "generic table" make sure the names are all different.

Click the "Generate Code" button and then copy and paste the code generated to a home page message.  You can set up similar tables using other sorting criteria using this example as a guide.

Copy and paste the following code to one of your home page messages.