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Brian Nov 13:
Doesn’t look like I got credit for Pyotr Kochetkov’s shutout on Sat night
@habman Nov 13:
Biran thanks for pointing it out. This has been updated
@habman Nov 13:
I have to add goalies manually as they make their first appearance.
@habman Nov 13:
I do check every once in a while for new additions
Brian Nov 16:
Been traveling this week, thanks!!
@habman Nov 22:
The one nice thing about no games last night. Mark did not get a chance to build on his lead lol
Mark Nov 28:
I think Rob jinxed my team! lol
Sam Nov 28:
I wish I could have zero man games missed one year.
Sam Dec 07:
I guess when you complain you just get more injuries, lol
Gerry Dec 17:
Luca, pls add Martin Jones to Leafs goalies for last night's shutout, thanks.
@habman Dec 17:
Done. You may have to do a CTRL-F5 to clear your cache if you don't see update
Gerry Dec 17:
Sam Dec 27:
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!
@habman Dec 31:
Thanks Sam. Happy New Years to all!!
@habman Feb 01:
Mark Archibald and Shawn Battersby came in 1st and 2nd respectively for first half
@habman Feb 01:
All first half points have been recorded and locked
Rob Feb 03:
Congrats Mark and Shawn!
Sam Mar 31:
Wow! What a race for 3rd place this year.
Sam Apr 06:
Rob top 10 pretty good. But no D or MIP pts hurt
Sam Apr 13:
Luca too.

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