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Rob Apr 14:
Luca, please list the 1st & 2nd place winners for the 2nd half. Thanks
@habman Apr 16:
Ok Rob it is done.
Rob Apr 16:
Thank you. Thaks again for the awsome web support as well!
Jim Oct 06:
Thanks yet again for getting this up so quickly!!
@habman Oct 07:
Thanks and my pleasure
@habman Oct 07:
I wonder where Chabot would have been drafted had we drafted one night later.
Jim Oct 07:
I have a kid who is a Sens fan. Even he doesn’t believe it can last.
Gerry Oct 07:
Thanks again Luca. You da man!
Luca Oct 10:
At this pace I will be getting MIP pts from Matthews after 25 games
Sam Oct 17:
Shaddup Luca Leaf hater!
Sam Oct 17:
Besides I'll be getting MIP from Kapanane next game!
Luca Oct 18:
Saw that Sam. Nice MIP!
Sam Oct 18:
Sorry. I'm still mad you took all my leafs
Luca Oct 18:
I was in a no lose situation. Matthews does well, helps me win and earns himself a $14 mil+ contract
Luca Oct 18:
OR he does poorly which is even better lol
Sam Oct 27:
I think we're in trouble when Lucas bottom player is karrlson
Luca Oct 29:
Thanks but I don't think so Sam. Why didn't any of you Leaf fans warn me Matthews was made of glass.
Luca Oct 29:
Just kidding. That sucks for you guys.
Sam Nov 13:
Wow. 6 injured players on our roster including both top goalies
Gerry Nov 21:
Now Bergeron is out for at least a month. Bad luck for Luca

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