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Sam Feb 10:
Somehow Rob is in firs place again? Anyone else suspicious?
@habman Feb 27:
Thanks Jim. Much appreciated.
Sam Feb 28:
What? No one likes my jokes?
@habman Feb 28:
Nah sam it's just not funny as we should be embarassed,
Rob Mar 21:
It was fun while it lasted!
@habman Mar 27:
How many points for Zibanajed today against the Flyers?
Jim Mar 29:
Well Ekblad will be out 3 months. Here’s your chance to catch us fellows.
Jim Mar 31:
Clive has been on a tear lately. Look out.
Sam Apr 01:
Big trouble for Jim & Noal with injuries. Ouch
Jim Apr 12:
Look at him go. Wow Rob has opened up a really nice lead.
@habman Apr 29:
April 29th: Two teams fighting for first; Three teams tied for third.
@habman Apr 29:
And another two teams not far behind. Should be an exciting finish
@habman Apr 29:
I'm secretly pulling for Clive
@habman Apr 29:
The top 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks deserves something. MIP/G killing him
Sam May 01:
Sam with Brad. mip/g hurting him too
Brian May 01:
Of course I’m maxed out and they get another shutout!
Rob May 02:
Hey Brian - you picked the best SO team with the 2nd last pick in the round. Congrats!
Sam May 07:
So whoever gets 1st pick overall will win automatically every year.
Jim May 07:
We’re back in first and in Connor we trust.
Jim May 07:
But having two of the top 4 scoring defensemen also helps. (After our terrible 2nd round pick)

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