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Gerry Nov 03:
Holy shmokes! I just lost 44 pts and Eberle is back with EDM!!
@habman Nov 04:
I have added some additional error checking to avoid the infrequent bad data scrapes
@habman Nov 04:
Please let me know of any further issues
Gerry Nov 11:
Shutout pts now in the daily scroll. Nice add! Thx
@habman Nov 11:
Thanks. Goalie points as well.
@habman Nov 18:
9:00 AM Nov. 18 - Yahoo has messed up their scoring. Hopefully it will correct itself today.
@habman Nov 18:
After looking further the issue is not limited to yahoo stats (where I scrape my stats)
@habman Nov 18:
TSN, stats.com are also showing bad stats which appears limited to Vegas Knights
@habman Nov 18:
With the issue widespread I am sure it will resolve itself quickly
Carl w Dec 06:
I need a shutout
@habman Dec 07:
Who invited this Brad guy?
Brad Dec 21:
He can't possibly keep getting points like this anyway.
Sam Jan 02:
It's his top 3 guys and shutouts doing it for him.
Sam Jan 02:
Although his MIP will start getting points shortly lol.
@habman Jan 02:
Exactly! Remove his top players, goalie and soon his MIP and he would be down with the rest of us.
@habman Jan 12:
The race has tightend up for 2nd place prize money for first half of season
Brad Jan 14:
I'm hanging on for dear life for 11 days
Brad Jan 24:
If you guys could stop getting points I'd appreciate it.
@habman Jan 26:
I’m in Cuba. Will update first half on Monday. Congrats Brad.
@habman Jan 29:
Rob is there a tiebreaker?

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